Getting Started

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Unzip the toolbox into a directory of your choosing. The main toolbox scripts are located in the bdtoolkit directory. It and the bdtoolkit/models directory should be added to your matlab PATH.
$ unzip
$ matlab
>> addpath bdtoolkit-2018a
>> addpath bdtoolkit-2018a/models
There are no installation scripts to run and nothing to compile. The toolbox can be un-installed by simply deleting the bdtoolkit directory.

Running the Example Models

The bdtoolkit/models directory contains example models that you can load into the toolbox graphical user interface (bdGUI). Each model is defined by a special data structure that we call a sys structure. A sys structure can be loaded from a mat file or a new one can be constructed from a model-specific script. The following example shows how to load a sys structure for the Hindmarsh-Rose model from a mat file.
>> load HindmarshRose.mat sys
>> bdGUI(sys);
The graphical user interface computes the solution in real-time and updates it whenever the the model's parameters are adjusted.

Going Further

Chapter 1 of the Handbook gives more details on getting started with the toolbox and running the example models.