The Brain Dynamics Toolbox is open-source software for simulating dynamical systems in neuroscience. It is for researchers and students who wish to explore mathematical models of brain function using Matlab. It includes a graphical tool for simulating dynamical systems in real-time as well as command-line tools for scripting large-scale simulations.

Differential Equations

The toolbox supports the three major classes of dynamical systems that typically arise in computational neuroscience.

Combinatorial Power 

The hub-and-spoke architecture allows unlimited combinations of graphical plots and numerical solvers to be applied to any differential equation with no additional programming effort.  

Control it your way

The model's parameters can be modified directly from the Matlab workspace.  So it is easy to automate parameter sweeps and other systematic manipulations using familiar workspace commands.

Comprehensive Documentation

The Handbook guides you through the process of creating and running your own dynamical models.

Open-Source License

This software is freely available under the 2-clause BSD license.

"A fantastic (and open) resource for all interested in simulating dynamical systems in neuroscience"
-- Olaf Sporns, Indiana University.