22 Mar 2018

Version 2018a Released

Version 2018a of the Brain Dynamics Toolbox is now available. It is a major overhaul of the toolbox with many new features!

The graphical user interface has been substantially redesigned. It includes additional sliders and buttons for manipulating parameters. A time slider has been added for managing transient dynamics. Initial conditions can now be automatically perturbed and/or evolved over successive simulation runs. Display panels can be exported as Matlab figures. Nullclines have been added to the Phase Portrait. Bifurcation plots have been added. User-defined auxiliary plots have been added. As well as a host of other smaller changes.

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5 Mar 2018

Brain Twitter Conference

The Brain Dynamics Toolbox will be presented at the Brain Twitter Conference, 8th March 2018. See https://brain.tc/ for the conference program and instructions on how to join the twitter feed.

3 Mar 2018

Brain Dynamics Toolbox at ACS-2018

The Brain Dynamics Toolbox will be showcased at the Australian Connectomics School (ACS-2018) to be held in Melbourne from May 30 to June 1, 2018. The school is for neuroscientists seeking to use new computational tools to understand the role of brain network organisation in health and disease. See http://www.connectome.org.au/ for registration details.

15 Nov 2017

Version 2017c and Handbook released

Version 2017c is now released in conjunction with the Handbook for the Brain Dynamics Toolbox. The Handbook is the official guide to using the toolbox. The new toolbox includes improved editing of vector and matrix data and improved error handling. See the Release Notes for more details.